10 April 2012

the dinner party project.

photo by Michelle Rigg
My friend Carolyn and I have been threatening to start a blog together for at least the last year - we enjoy each other's company to no end; we both love to spend time in our respective kitchens; our shared idea of a GOOD TIME involves friends and a dinner table and a bottle of wine (or club soda, currently, as Carolyn is in THE FAMILY WAY). And while the aforementioned is reason enough, at the core of this project are our husbands, who - since 8th grade - have been absolute and FOREVER best friends. The Dinner Party Project is a playdate for the male contingent, allowing the two of us to catch up over cutting boards, sea salts, and a Dolly Parton record (or four). We kicked things off a few weekends ago at my house, with a Southern-inspired menu, and invited our friend - and photographer - Michelle Rigg (along with her fiance Kevin) to document the evening. The Dinner Party Project is UP and RUNNING (with recipes and tons of HOT KITCHEN ACTION) and we are already planning future installments - eat up, kittens!


Anonymous lmgildner said...

Yaaaayyy I'm excited for this!!!

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