04 April 2012


I recently thrifted some light wash, wide-leg DENIM FLARES (they sound hideous, I know...but WAIT); I've since become obsessed. As a black denim-devotee these were, upon first wear, wildly out of my comfort zone, but the ACTUAL comfort quotient is HIGH, and they maybe pair a LITTLE too well with granny sandals. In warm weather (and with a basket bag) they conjure up all sorts of Birkin-isms, but for real they originated from ANN TAYLOR LOFT so I don't want to give them that kind of credit. Instead they've been knighted as my 70s journalist jeans (or my Joyce Maynards, if I'm feeling real chummy).


Blogger Jesse said...

just picked up a pair from the anthro sale rack myself. totally obsessed with how long my legs look.

6:20 PM  

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