06 April 2012

one, two, three.

one, two, three: a look back at the week. 

one. The newly re-launched All Our Noise site kicked things off with a stunningly gorgeous video of a Bowerbirds performance inside artist Monica Canilao's installation at The Lightbox. Part of the 5x5 Project and powered by Pink Line, the temporary structure (and the SE warehouse it was built in/on) is nothing short of incredible (NO REALLY. DID YOU WATCH THE VIDEO?) and - in my book, at least - it's reason numero uno to head to Anacostia for the April 14th LUMEN8 Festival.

two. via Nowness, I spent about one million years going through the interviews (and accompanying home/studio photos) at Freunde von Freunden yesterday. I am nothing if not ALL ABOUT home VOYEURISM.

three. THESE have infiltrated my brain (actually, THESE have, but I can't find them anywhere/anymore). Is that wrong? (hint: THE ANSWER IS NO).


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