13 April 2012

one, two, three.

one, two, three: a look back at the week. photo via NYTimes.

one. In ENJOYABLE READS OF THE WEEK, William H. Macy documents a motorcycle trip at T Magazine. Self-deprecating (and funny, and sweet) to THE MAX, each sentence made me (and Mitchell) fall deeper IN ADMIRATION with the man. We kind of want to invite him to dinner?

two. via Social Studies DC, this "Hidden DC" photo series is a scanned-in, black + white film tour through the city, 1985-1988. Muy interesante. Also DC-related (and also worth mentioning): last week's DCRA debacle seems to have taken a more positive turn (via Washington City Paper).

three. I'm digging Refinery29's MONTH OF DENIM, and let's just go ahead and add THIS DENIM-CLAD ASS next to William H. Macy on the list of entities I admire, shall we? DAMN, GIRL.


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