23 April 2012

wives doing arnold impressions (1 of 5).

I WAS planning on relying entirely on pre-scheduled blog posts while on vacation this week, but sometimes you go to North Carolina and the rain doesn't come DOWN so much as it comes SIDEWAYS, and after burning through the last Hunger Games book it's STILL too early to open that bottle of wine you've been side-eying since 2PM (well, too early to open it with any dignity), and so you take the opportunity to finally go through that audio of you and your sister getting all stupid with Arnold impressions from a couple of weeks ago and a few explosion videos later it's like, oops, you've got a miniseries-worth of complete and utter ridiculousness on your hands, and what else are you going to do with them? Without further justification, please enjoy (tolerate?) WIVES DOING ARNOLD IMPRESSIONS (video 1 of 5).


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