24 May 2012

avon pl.

Panda Mag designer/partner Erik Loften is RENOWNED for his video/animation skills (check check check), so when he had the idea for an Abbey Rd. tribute video - LIVE ACTION, nonetheless - for Issue 6, I was terribly excited to see what he came up with. I was also blissfully unaware of what to expect of the completed piece, as every time he attempted to explain the concept to me and Kate Greene we would just kind of cock our heads and offer him a variety of WE'RE CONFUSED faces. Styled by Kate and featuring some lovely John, Paul, George, and Ringo stand-ins, our Issue 6 intern Alicia Farina documented our shoot day HERE, and the final video - which is so good that I nearly laid down for a forever-nap after watching it - is HERE
from Panda Head Magazine: Issue 6
video: Erik Loften
styling: Kate Greene
featuring Lucy Novick, Danielle Theroux, 


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