23 May 2012


 photo/illustration by Lauren Friedman.
When we first got in touch with illustrator Lauren Friedman about putting her spin on a 60s/70s Playboy/groupie-inspired CENTERFOLDS spread for Issue 6, CLEARLY we knew (like, CLEARLY clearly) we were going to love whatever it was she came up with - but the sexy, t-shirt-ed, LIVE NUDE GIRLS that appeared a couple of weeks later managed to top even OUR wildest, fashion-y, rock-n-roll-cool dreams. We're thrilled to have her as part of Issue 6, and I mean it - if you're not familiar with her work (or with HER; she RULES) - I bid SAYONARA to your afternoon productivity as you make your way through those links.
from Panda Head Magazine: Issue 6
illustrations and photographs: Lauren Friedman


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