02 May 2012

class is in session.

photobooth tomfoolery with Dr. Fakesmile and husband. photo ONOMONOMEDIA
This Saturday we had the ABSOLUTE PLEASURE of attending CLASS IS IN SESSION, a FOOD ORGY (for lack of a more descriptive term) and all around good time, put on by BYT at the Pierce School Lofts (a private residence of VAST and STUNNING proportions, and managed by evolveDC) in support of KIPP DC. We spent the night running around the place, discovering movie theaters and ROUND WATERBEDS and bathrooms the size of our apartment; the rest of our time was spent EATING. The food - prepared by past Top Chef winners and contestants (Spike Mendelsohn! Mike Isabella! Bryan Voltaggio!) and local chefs (Toki Underground's Erik Bruner-Yang; The Source's Scott Drewno) - was incredible (like, REALLY incredible. The chorizo sandwiches were my fave), and there were DC Brau's and St~Germain cocktails at arm's reach for the entirety of the evening (this fact, however, did not keep me from straying from my wine-only doctrine; I swan-dived into ROSÉ RIVER that night, you guys). The whole thing was an absolute blast from start to finish, and BYT has the photoset (to end all photosets) to prove it. And yeah, keep your eyes peeled for a shot of me making out with a T-Rex (ROSÉ!).


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