14 May 2012

the dishes are done, man.

decor; kate + brittany; erik, matt, + ilene; me + liz; an issue 6 SPARKLER CANDLE!
all photos by C. Freeman.
While the bulk of my weekend was spent getting things in line for this week's PANDA MAG launch (read: I am dangerously close to becoming ONE with my laptop), Saturday night's Issue 6 Preview Dinner was a magical little reprieve from all things .jpg/.psd/.nerdalert. The guest list consisted of a truly stellar group of people (we invited all our Issue 6 contributors, as well as a few friends - both new and from way back - that we've met along the line) and Erik, Kate and I were thrilled to break bread with such a talented and generous and funny and smart cast of characters. TEARS. LITERAL TEARS. IN MY EYES.
Also giving me tears: my husband, for carrying our living room furniture up and down the stairs of our apartment (sometimes twice) last week; both my oven and dishwasher (the former for successfully baking 7 dishes of enchiladas at once without ceasing to exist, and the latter for simply existing); and photographer C. Freeman, for documenting the night so beautifully. All photos from the evening can be viewed HERE - so please, everyone - immediately go see how good these people look in our apartment.
PS: keep your eyes peeled, re: decor - those flowers may or may not be a little peek at what's in store at the French Embassy later this month!


Blogger Shoko said...

Looks like an awesome dinner! Can't beat a sparkler candle :)

7:00 PM  
Blogger Panda Head said...

awwww, thanks! C.Freeman did an awesome job on the pictures - and WOW. i hadn't experienced a SPARKLER CANDLE before that night; I'm pretty sure I'm a different person??

12:40 AM  

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