11 May 2012

flickr friday.

Panda Head Magazine: Issue 6 goes LIVE next week, and amidst all my excitement lurks (LURKS IN A GOOD WAY) some serious nostalgia for issues past. As such, this week's Flickr Friday includes a video BONUS ROUND - both from our Kinks-covering, 4-DC-band-inclusive, Issue 5 mountain-top camping trip. 

photo: Dakota Fine
featuring Meredith Chamberlain, Philippe Chetrit, Josh Cogan, Libby Ellsworth-Kasch, Dakota Fine, Fffever, Ashley Fulwiler, Kate Greene, Morgan Hungerford West, Chris Keener, Carolyn Lamond, The Laughing Man, New Rock Church of Fire, Nilay Lawson, Erik Loften, ChloƩ Maratta, Kelley McNutt, Lexie Moreland, Luke Morrison, Roxanne Turpen, Ryan Wakeman, U.S. Royalty.
Issue 5 was funded in part by a grant from the DC Commission of the Arts and Humanities.


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