25 May 2012

hands across the water.

The Hands Across the Water video came about after having monkeyed around with a stop motion format for a couple of different projects; having always worked in iMovie (in which the fastest my version will run stills at is 5 per second) I was surprised (read: FRIGHTENED) to find out that FOR REAL stop motions run at a speed of about 30 frames per second. The hours I spent editing over ELEVEN HUNDRED individual frames were all totally worth it when I saw the finished product, and it made it all the more sweet that I finally got to collaborate on something with my friend Phil Carluzzo. He's an unbelievably talented musician and composer, and his rendition of the "Hands Across the Water" part of Paul McCartney's Admiral Halsey fit the imagery so well that it felt like we worked on our parts side by side (we didn't - Phil hit the road for NYC a while back and the project came together over a series of increasingly hilarious emails).
Also - I shot the main images (of Panda Mag's Kate Greene) with makeup artist Lauren Gildner; not only can she work MAGICS with real product but the bulk of what she used for the video was actually WATERCOLOR. And and and - Lauren did my makeup for my wedding, and Liz Gorman PHOTOGRAPHED my wedding, and Liz let me mine her photo galleries for any/all flower pics I might want to use. If you look closely at the final frames you'll see not only my wedding bouquet, but also roses from our April Brunch Newsletter feature.


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