07 May 2012


A little preview of a fashion spread we shot yesterday at the Spanish Steps; photographed by Victoria Milko and styled by Panda Mag's Kate Greene with pieces from Treasury Vintage, our awesome Issue 6 intern Alicia will have the FULL STORY a little later in the week. And hey - get excited (won't you, please?): we're just A WEEK away from an ONLINE and FULLY ALIVE Panda Head Mag!

top to bottom: Kate farmer's market-ed some pre-shoot sustenance for THE LADIES; makeup artist Lauren Gildner's lil box of tricks; my sister Cortney Peguese and Lauren work hair/makeup magic on Marie Gauthiez; Kate adjusts a Treasury TREASURE; PANDA HEADS Nilay Lawson and Erik Loften google the origin of "Spanish Steps" and are no more informed afterwards than they were before; GROUP SHOT; my niece Aurora MEAN-MUGS my camera/proves yet again that babies are a brilliant addition to any photo shoot.


Anonymous design elements said...

lovely photos!

5:21 AM  
Blogger Panda Head said...

thanks so much!

11:11 AM  

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