23 May 2012

let's get real.

photo by Victoria Milko
Let's get real (and thank you for letting me do so) - yesterday's launch of Panda Head Magazine: Issue 6 has me feeling a little like a Middle School SCIENCE FAIR winner (if Middle School Science Fairs were judged on the sheer spectacle of the experiments your ultra-talented classmates had a go at; also, if Erik Loften had a hand in TRI-FOLD DISPLAY BOARD design then Middle School Science Fairs might be one of the most aesthetically pleasing places on earth, no?). It should come as no surprise then, that the rest of the week is devoted to all things THIS ISSUE.
While a ton of space has been devoted to our "Spanish Steps" chapter already, let it be known that Panda Mag's Kate Greene spent weeks on her VISION for the Treasury Vintage-filled spread, and that Victoria Milko knocked it out of the park when it came time to shoot. And a little backstory on the text featured within the chapter: they're excerpts from a novel by writer Marie Beatriz Gauthiez - who, it just so happens, was also our model.
photographs: Victoria Milko; styling: Kate Greene
text excerpts by Marie Beatriz Gauthiez
hair: Cortney Peguese; makeup: Lauren Gildner
design: Erik Loften
featuring Marie Beatriz Gauthiez
and pieces from Treasury Vintage


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