15 May 2012

new issue/new look/NEW YOU.

one last mag preview: photo/etc me; makeup Lauren Gildner; featuring Kate Greene.
We play fast and loose around here with the term THIS WEEK, but hey! On the very, very, very PLUS SIDE - we have an official date for Panda Head Magazine's Issue 6 launch, and it's this coming MONDAY, MAY 21! And SPOILER ALERT (this actually spoils nothing; we couldn't spoil this if we tried): our upcoming issue features work from local talents Victoria F. Gaitán, Lauren Freidman, Phil Carluzzo, Liz Gorman, Marie Beatriz Gauthiez, Victoria Milko, and MORE - as well as from our very own Erik Loften, Kate Greene, Nilay Lawson, and myself.
Lastly (and speaking of MYSELF), welcome to Panda Head Blog's NEW Summer LOOOOK. Inspired by the above still (from a stop motion video I put together for the Mag), with so much going on this month it just felt like a good time to REFRESH. Breathe in, breathe out; FENG SHUI that mind-furniture. You GOT this.


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