25 May 2012

one, two, three.

one two three: a look back at the week. HOT FRENCH ACTION pic via BYT.

one. We put out a Magazine - did you hear? As LAUNCH WEEK winds down (and yes - we are back to regularly scheduled programming next week. Thanks for letting a sister roll), I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you to all our amazing contributors, to Erik and Kate, to Nilay, and to my husband Mitchell West. This issue is testament to the hard work and sheer talent of all the aforementioned; that I have somehow managed to work my way into their collective good graces makes me feel all GOOD-CRAZY, and also a little like this.

two. We've been blown away by the generous local reception to the Magazine - thanks especially to Holly E. Thomas of Refinery 29 DC, Jonathon L. Fischer of the Washington City Paper, and our friends at BYT for the WELCOME BACKs (to say nothing of those of you who tweeted or emailed or FBed or otherwise just read this thing. Thank you all). 

three. Please join us IN CELEBRATION of Issue 6/the Summer/OUR LIVES tomorrow evening at BYT's Zou Bisou Bisou at the French Embassy (and hang out with me in a magically enchanted teepee garden); tickets are available here (but probably not for long, so make moves) and a little outfit inspiration, via the Mag's Kate Greene, can be found at Brightest Young Things.


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