25 June 2012

local tourists.

camera one (bathroom shenanigans with Svet and Alex), camera two (photo by Jeff Martin)
Oh man. I, too, had a pretty great Friday night (and by PRETTY GREAT I actually mean INTENSELY AND AMAZINGLY EPIC). After dropping Mitchell off at the rock and roll show (a MOM MOVE if there ever was one), I made the last-minute decision to stop by BYT's Local Tourist Party at the National Geographic Museum - a decision that resulted in all sorts of unforeseen excellence, namely: an impromptu GIRLS NIGHT OUT, a dance floor GLITTER BAPTISM (courtesy of the geniuses that are CHERYL; I'm different now, and better, for it), and THESE sorts of moves being elicited, en masse, by Tariq's end-of-night SOUL/BLUES/BRILLIANCE set in the courtyard. There's a big fat photo roundup over at BYT today, which includes that above, dance-blissed, hat-askance, GLITTER-BLAZING gem by Jeff Martin.


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