05 June 2012

movie night.

all photos by Chris Chen
The week after the Issue 6 Preview Dinner we found ourselves with a FURNITURE-FREE living room and a surplus of chairs; having recently unearthed an old-school/old school projection screen in Mitchell's parents' basement, we jumped at the opportunity to host a mid-week movie night at our place.
AS IT HAPPENS, our friend (and director) Nelson Cuellar (along with his wife and writing partner, Jess Cuellar) made a short film last year - we first saw THE DEL RAY STORY when it premiered at Galaxy Hut this past October and have been preaching it as gospel ever since. So sweet and so funny, locally made and just a joy to watch - we were thrilled to finally get to share it with friends (including, among other dear ones, our friend and photographer Chris Chen).
Also a weeknight thrill: the POST-FILM decision to walk to Smoke + Barrel, en masse, for barbecue, beers, and whiskeys. I've had FOLLOWING MORNINGS go a little easier but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't worth the GOOD TIME (and a good time was had, certainly, by all).


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