15 June 2012

one, two, three.

one, two, three: a look back at the week. photo via Nerd Boyfriend.

one. Sometimes I forget about The Impossible Cool and then other times I remember; same goes for Tomboy Style and Nerd Boyfriend and if nothing else I need that last one tattooed on my computer screen FOR LIFE.

two. I stopped by Montserrat House on Wednesday to check out Heart of a Lion: The Streets of Kingston. Josh Cogan's photography is, as ever, totally moving and gorgeous, and THE FRAMES - constructed from 100 year old joists of the Montserrat House itself - WERE ALSO MOVING AND GORGEOUS (I mean, as moving as frames can be. Let it be known that the photos were far more moving).

three. I'm worried about becoming one of those people who earnestly references their STAR CHART at dinner parties, as from there it's a short ride to setting up my own pottery studio in some Southwestern barn, consistently pairing flowy pants with a sensible sandal, and welding my own new-age jewelry on the weekends. THANKS A LOT, Astrology Zone.


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