28 June 2012


Sunday evening we were siked to be in attendance for the very first TABLETRIBES, a nine-week picnic and discussion series founded by Hosan Lee. Each week will feature a different topic (all related to the human condition - Sunday's was ORDER), various speakers (we especially enjoyed DC Central Kitchen's Robert Egger, and The Curiosity Project's Richard Sergay), and picnic-appropriate food and drink. AND OH, THE DRINK. Mixologist JP Caceres had a beautiful little line-up of cocktails throughout the night; his take on the Tom Collins (with lemon balm-infused gin) was my fave, with the "Margarita Love Me Long Time" a very close second (that one included Damiana flower, a rumored APHRODISIAC). Caceres himself was quite the charmer, and his closing remarks on order in his own life ended things on a near-perfect note.
Other highlights? An evening-opening performance from Margot MacDonald; catching up, PICNIC BLANKET STYLE, with a few familiar faces (including the planning committee's/Butler + Claypool's/Project Beltway's Rachel Cothran); and definitely the decor - an astroturf "field" had been laid out on the second floor, and - until a minor lil' smokeout - the party was lit by hundreds of pillars and votives.  With a couple of different locations at the ready (this week's was a verdeHOUSE property overlooking the Canal) and several week's worth of topics and guest directors already announced, I'm excited to check back in for a completely different experience a little later in the Summer.
Invites can be requested by application HERE; and STUDY UP, DUDES. There's a question about how your LIFE would taste as a PIE.


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