16 July 2012


I'm BEYOND EXCITED to announce Panda Head's END OF SUMMER BUMMER at The Fridge! Saturday, August 4th, from 8-11PM will see ALL SORTS of five-minutes-or-less films - video, animation, music, and MORE - by some of our very favorite movie-making friends from in and around the District. The END OF SUMMER BUMMER promises great movies, good times, and a no-bummer guarantee - STAY TUNED over the next couple of weeks for announcements on the WHO and the WHAT.

The END OF SUMMER BUMMER kicks off this August's second annual FRESH PRODUCE Festival at The Fridge. Look out for Panda Head, EMP Collective, VESTIBULE and more to present a multitude of art forms including dance, visual art, film and performance art. Sign up for The Fridge's mailing list/follow on facebook and twitter for more info coming soon.

OH PS - got a short film burning a hole in yr pocket (or looking for a project, having burned through your Summer reading list)?
CALL ME: panda.head.blog@gmail.com.


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