13 July 2012

one, two, three.

one, two, three: a look back at the week. still from Manhattan.

one. I've found myself staring at my closet this week, wanting to dress as I might have dressed if I were ME, but like, ME in 1979, which in my brain translates to 18-year-old Mariel Hemingway's wardrobe in Manhattan (in which she plays a 17-year-old), and at this point there are already too many AGE and TIME/SPACE CONTINUUM differences involved in this scenario for me to think about it further, and so I put on the same t-shirt and jeans I wore the day before and I continue living my life.

two. Two articles on library music: one recent; one from five-or-so years ago; both totally fascinating. (via The Believer and Readymade, respectively)

three. May we ALL have the opportunity to piggy-back upon Andy Dwyer. It is what I hope for me, it is what I hope for you (and you, and you), and I mean that sincerely. (via BYT)


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