23 August 2012

i shot a deer.

Shot last month in THE WOODS (and edited just in time to show at the End of Summer Bummer), my friend Colin Killalea and I collaborated on the above video for his song, I Shot A Deer.  A spooky, plodding, haunting little thing, the song set to be released this Fall as part of an EP by Colin's band, Klauss.
I IMMENSELY ENJOYED both the shooting and editing, and must extend a very large thank you to our friends Matthew and Caitlin Heffernan (for so generously hosting us in their forest), to my main man Mitchell West (for general, husband-of-the-year type support), and to Colin, of course, for the project. I hope you enjoy it, and please! do keep an eye on Klauss - there's some massive talent there, and I'm excited to see where they're headed.


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