03 August 2012

one, two, three.

one. OH DID YOU HEAR? There's a little film night tomorrow at The Fridge (516 1/2 8th St. SE). You should go.

two. Large packages of gratitude are lined up and ready for UPS pickup, shipping out to The Washington Post (for Lavanya Ramanathan's review of FRESH PRODUCE), to BYT (for so generously running an END OF SUMMER BUMMER preview this past Wednesday, AND for including us in both Best Weekend Bets and Gay Best Weekend Bets, the latter with a panda GIF of sparkly amazingness), and to Pink Line, ScoutMob, DCist, and The Huffington Post for including us in their weekend to-do's.

three. Lastly, a MEGA-THANK YOU to The Fridge's Alex Goldstein and Emma Fisher (Owner/Director and Assistant Gallery Director, respectively). We've logged many (email) miles with Emma over the last few weeks and are incredibly grateful to have been invited to take part in the month-long FRESH PRODUCE - and we're especially honored to kick things off tomorrow night with the END OF SUMMER BUMMER. There's a lot going down on Barracks Row this August, and you can check out the full schedule of events over at the FRESH PRODUCE site - but let's just get through Saturday first, shall we?


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