06 August 2012

summer bummer.

Oh, man. It's Monday morning and I'm still in a post-party, perma-smile DAZE after Saturday's END OF SUMMER BUMMER film nite at The Fridge. THANK YOU to the 130 of you who made your way down to Barracks Row on Saturday night; THANK YOU to all the wonderful and generous folks who ran previews or helped us promote, and THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all the unbelievably talented filmmakers, photographers, and artists who put time and work into making our little Summer-themed short film night such a BLAST to revel in:
Rory Sheridan  Raul Zahir De Leon  Nelson A. Cuellar
Mitchell West  Matt O'Grady Kelly Hughes
Mark Keeler  Colin Killalea  Chris O'Brien
Ashley Fulwiler  Nilay Lawson
Chloe Maratta  Floyd York and Mike Del Rey.
THAT LIST IS IMPRESSIVE, AM I RIGHT? Also impressive: The Fridge's WHOLE STEEZ. It was an absolute pleasure, beginning to end, working with Alex Goldstein and Emma Fisher to put this night together - it was an HONOR to kick off their month-long FRESH PRODUCE and I sincerely hope that you can make it back down to the gallery for the rest of their events. I'LL BE THERE FOR SURE.


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