10 September 2012


photo by Stephanie Breijo for BYT!
Thursday night's BYT-hosted FNO Lounge was JUST. SO. FUN. The turnout was incredible (to say the least), and I could not have had a better time getting to chat with everyone who stopped by the Panda Head Mag AREA to say hi or pick up a headdress or to spiritual-vision-quest in the teepee. Click over to BYT for a gigantic photo set of the evening, and oh man - thanks times infinity to Cortney Peguese (my little sister, for without her creative input/ability to pull me out of a creative sinkhole, that teepee would not have ever existed, ever) and to Kate Greene (Panda Mag partner; booth-manner extraordianaire) for their indispensable help that evening - and of course, thank you so much to BYT for inviting us to take part!

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