21 September 2012

one, two, three.

one, two, three (a look back at the week). photo by Nicole Aguirre, via Worn.

one. In more LOCAL PUBLICATION news - congrats to Worn Magazine on the launch of their fourth issue! They're celebrating this weekend with a party at the Capitol Skyline Hotel; the fashion-filled glossy can be scored both online and around town - just keep your eyes peeled for cover girl (and Panda Mag dear one!) Kate Greene! YOU CAN'T MISS THAT FACE.

two. Neil Young: (a somewhat delightful) curmudgeon. via NYTimes Magazine.

three. OH SNAP! Check my friend Meg Allan Cole, DIY-ing it up today over at Cup of Jo. GET yr colorblock flat on, girl.



Anonymous Worn Magazine said...

Thank you! We love Pandahead!

-The Worn Magazine Team

3:12 PM  
Blogger Nest said...

Thanks, darling Panda Head Morgan. xo

10:49 AM  

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