28 September 2012

one, two, three.

a look back at the week. photo via.

ONE. THAT ROOM. Between the white floors and the minimal but total weird-o wall decor, it is now one of the many leisure spots that make up my MIND MANSION. (via You Are the River)

TWO. The Best TV Show That's Ever Been: an Oral History of Cheers. (via GQ)

THREE. My sister sent me a link to this embroidered kimono on eBay and I'm considering throwing in my LIFE SAVINGS; also, barring next week's recap of the MAGIC that was last night's Textile Museum party, this is probably* the last mention of boho-hippie-gypsy-steez around here for a while.
*probably not, though.



Blogger Eliza Jane said...

I wish I could be that minimalist. Even when I don't try, my place ends up being crammed with stuff....

4:32 AM  

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