18 October 2012

chelsea underground.

Chelsea, right, and Sierra. photo onomonoMEDIA; all text by Chelsea Iorlano!
This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend both fabulous nights of BYT's French Underground as Morgan’s Panda Head intern, accompanied by my BFF Sierra (as I think she’s now been permanently branded). The food, music, feathers, and laser lights culminated in a frenzy of awesomeness both nights; there was literally no way to not enjoy it - I could have just sat on one of the Embassy’s cool, retro benches and watched all the party people in their wonderful outfits and had a blast. onomonoMEDIA’s photobooth was quite the attraction, with a line snaking around all night, projecting pictures reminiscent of those silly, middle-school-mall photo shoots - but with MUCH more flattering lighting, and better haircuts.
I want to go ahead and create a no-judgment zone, starting now, due to the amount of food I ate. H&Pizza was there to serve up free samplings of their duck confit pizza, as well as to make sure the party-goers were all tatted up with black “H” and red “&” temporary tattoos (the ghost of an & is still lingering on my inner arm). Then there was Paul Bakery. Sierra and I indulged in the 5 bite-sized piece-of-heaven pastries deal, and the chocolate croissants? If you missed out on a chocolate croissant, all I can say is I’m sorry. There were more food options outside, with outdoor heating stations to keep everyone toasty. The Cirque Cuisine food truck, with its amazingly friendly crew, served up a mean quiche, and the perfect fall weather cassoulet (which contained the first carrot I’ve ever officially enjoyed eating). Next stop was the Cajunator food truck, which served Sierra a mind-blowingly large shrimp Po Boy (delish!). The bar was a pretty popular stop as well - probably because of the tip jars that presented the ultimate either/or’s: Biggie or Tupac, Britney or Christina, Madonna or Gaga, Obama or Romney.
As if all of this wasn’t enough to make one hell of a weekend, there were the amazing live performances both nights, with people boogying and lights flashing everywhere. Who doesn’t like a party with a concert built right in? And when our feet got tired, all we had to do was hop over to the theater to sit back, relax, and watch some French short films, which were hilarious and thought-provoking, and also the perfect excuse to be acceptably anti-social at a party (I have to respect a shindig that caters to introverts). But being social was half the fun, surrounded by so
many awesome people! I got two high-fives and met some cool dudes because of the fringed-out jacket Morgan let me borrow for Friday night, and Saturday Sierra met an Arabic tutor to help her brush up on Cairo colloquialisms.
There were a lot of friend-making opportunities, which were definitely amplified by the feather head pieces. Who knew people were so crazy about feathers? Sierra and I were asked about three hundred times where we got ours, once all they'd all been snagged from the (beautiful, wonderful, magical) feather forest!
Oh, and I was “working” on Saturday night, let’s not forget - setting up string lights, being on candle-lighting duty, those types of tasks. Having this to report after a weekend “on the job” is ACTUALLY the bomb dot com - so, thanks again to Morgan and Panda Head, BYT and the magic makers there I got to meet, and my BFF Sierra for accompanying me!

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