15 October 2012

french underground.

feather-crowned ladies by Dakota Fine; Friday's installation by Jeff Martin; Saturday's FEATHER FOREST by Chris Chen; bare trees in the feather forest by Dakota.
This weekend's BYT French Underground was UNREAL. The two day, music-and-fun-and-friends-filled party at the French Embassy was nothing short of a wild, dancing, GOOD VIBED success, and I could not be any more proud and excited to have worked with BYT Productions on the decor aspect. From Friday night's teepee-and-feather display to Saturday night's interactive FEATHER FOREST installation, this project was nothing short of dreamy. Consisting of 700 feathers (670 of which ended up tucked in braids and hats and suit pockets!), 150 ft of FLATTERING LIGHTING, 5 copper tubing "treepees," our 3 wooden teepee-friends from last go-round and about a million feet of neon-red yarn - every minute of prep and install for this was pure joy.
For not one but TWO mega photo round-ups (including the above photos, by a host of talented photographers), head over to Brightest Young Things for French Underground: Friday and Saturday! And check back here later this week - Chelsea Iorlano, Panda Head intern extraordinaire, will have a little recap of the evenings as well!
Drumroll, please, as I thank the following individuals: Andrew Herndon, for teaming with me on both install days (and for his invaluable eye); Chelsea Iorlano (for her pre-event prep and indispensable day-of help) (and to her BFF Sierra, for pitching in as well!); Rob Hungerford (for carting copper tubing through all four quadrants of DC last week); Mitchell West (for his unwavering ability to look beyond a living room full of feather crowns and glue gun cords); and, last - but certainly not least - Svetlana Legetic/Cale Charney/the rest of the BYT Team - and of course, the Embassy of France (for their collective trust, assistance, and ability to quickly find the fusebox when someone plugs their iPhone charger into your PERHAPS, MAYBE, DEBATABLY overloaded power strip).

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