10 October 2012


Last week's NativeDanger presentation at Redeem was fulfilling on a few different levels - one: the event, designed to give a sneak peek at the 2013 F/W line and build buzz for the brand's Kickstarter effort, was incredibly well-attended (and on a Wednesday!), and the excitement surrounding the launch was palpable; two: it's always fantastic to see local projects scheming BIG (the goal of the Kickstarter is to fund production at a level to support national distribution); and three - and most importantly - the line looks GOOD.
A "contemporary urban menswear line, with a commitment to using our hands to create and design," designer Skyler Javier's collection is full of pieces with an attention to detail: clean lines, sure (and occasionally futuristic-looking) fits, and assured mixes of materials within individual garments. With a sharp lookbook and a highly considered presentation of the collection, NativeDanger made a confident and memorable first impression, and I'm so excited to see where this project is headed. Skyler was generous enough to answer a few questions to that end, post-presentation:

What are your thoughts on NativeDanger's reception, thus far?
Skyler Javier: The turnout for the showing was great. People definitely seem interested and curious about us. We're hopeful DC will continue to support and embrace us.
From the lookbook to aspects of the presentation itself, it seems as though you've got a great support system of creative friends in the city.
SJ: There's definitely an immense creative support system that's involved with NativeDanger. We're both a branch of and supported by the You Got Got DC artist collective. You Got Got put together the look book and helped with the presentation, they believe in bringing a precision and uncompromised presentation to anything they're involved with. In addition, there were amazing people like Lori Parkerson of Redeem who have been great supports. Not to mention a small clan of interns who were a huge help with garment construction. In short, it's very much been a united effort on the part of a creative community.
Where do you hope to see Native Danger, this time next year?
SJ: Well, as we try to gain the funding through our Kickstarter to have the line manufactured for distribution we're also simultaneously prepping to fall in sync with the seasonal collection cycle. So at this time next year we hope to have NativeDanger in stores both locally, throughout the states and abroad. We would also hope to have just released our Spring/Summer 2014 collection and to be fast at work on Fall/Winter 2014.

NativeDanger has a website/tumblr/kickstarter/twitter, and oh, please! Do kick it to BYT for additional photos and coverage of the launch.

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