29 October 2012


Friday night's BYT TEMPLE OF DOOM at the Sphinx Club was a WICKED good time. Cavernous and creepy, I can't imagine a better setting for a Halloween party - and I could not have had a better time spooking the place up. I was legit GLEEFUL upon ordering hundreds of glow-in-the-dark eyeballs, cockroaches, and bag after bag of skeleton bones and spider webs; having to track down a missing, 20lb box of 4' snakes a few hours prior to the party was kind of thrilling in and of itself. Click click over to Brightest Young Things for an amazing (AND ENORMOUS!) photo set of the evening, and OH MAN - Halloween hasn't even HAPPENED yet. Let the spooky/creepy vibes ride the storm, my friends. 

THANK YOUS OF DOOM: to Nilay Lawson (my longtime project partner-in-crime, and one very good-looking burglar) for her indispensable help during the two-day install, to intern/mystical priestess Chelsea Iorlano for her cobwebbing prowess, to Mitchell for helping make the 2AM de-install a breeze, to the Sphinx Club for not smacking me when I asked if I could staple-gun into their historic walls, and of course to Svetlana, Cale, and the rest of the team at BYT Productions for the SWEET GIG.
PHOTOS OF DOOM: (1) spiderweb party-time by Dakota Fine; (2 + 3) @nilaylawson's instagrams, taken during install; (4 + 5) decor details by Stephanie Breijo. 

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Blogger Eliza Jane said...

Love. Wish I'd been there, that's right up my ally.

8:11 PM  

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