19 November 2012


photos by Chris Peguese.
Wow. To say that last night's PANDA HEAD BIZARRE at The Press was successful would be a massive understatement - the outpouring of generosity and support and GOOD VIBEZ and good friends was humbling, and all of us at the Mag have been on CLOUD NINE since. So - on behalf of the Panda Head Team, Erik, Kate, Nilay, and myself:
THANK YOU to everyone who came out last night to say hi and to donate and to purchase Panda Head artifacts! We love you for supporting our weird little vision, and it's YOU who make this city such an incredible and dynamic and amazing place to live and work. TEARS.
THANK YOU to The Press Dry Cleaning & Laundry for sharing their incredible space! They are absolutely THE COOLEST and we sincerely hope you lend their locally-owned biz your support.
THANK YOU to our friends at DC BRAU for the delicious (and locally brewed) Public Ale! It definitely kept the good times a-rolling.
All proceeds from last night's NON-AUCTION are going directly to our Issue 7 print piece (which will be released just after our WEB COMPONENT), and in keeping with our general steez, that print piece will be distributed throughout the city FOR FREE and FOR REAL. We're incredibly proud of the upcoming issue, and can't wait to share it with you, soon! Stay tuned RIGHT HERE for sneak peeks over the next week, and really: we could not feel more of a sense of COMMUNITY after last night, and that's always been the name of the game at Panda Head headquarters. INTERNET HUGS TO ALL OF YOU (and oh look, a few more pics!):
catalogues and teenage dirtbags. @pandaheadmorgan
snagged from #1 intern Chelsea Iorlano! @eyechelsea
guests! snagged from Emma McAlary/@emcalary
instants! snagged from Michael Andrade/@andradexcobain

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