13 November 2012


My husband works as a political consultant in the realm of CAMPAIGN MEDIA; this past, first post-election weekend saw a much-deserved surprise party at the house in his honor, and up until yesterday the bulk of our free time has been more or less spent GLEEFULLY FINISHING THE DESSERTS.
At right is a Nothing In The House Pumpkin-Ginger Cheesecake Pie that our friend (and bona fide PIE GUY) Chris Chen brought over; above, front and center, is THE CAKE. Made by our friend Tess Lally at the Alexandria Pastry Shop, Tess was also responsible for our the cake at our wedding - and I pretty much SHED TEARS when she showed up with a miniature version, this time adorned with photos of Mitchell THROUGH THE YEARS. Delicious; handsome; meaningful.

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