21 November 2012

ulysses room.

photos by Marshall Johnson, courtesy Ulysses Room.
I was thrilled to have spent part of my Saturday evening at the preview for the (absolutely gorgeous) Ulysses Room, a joint venture between Carla Cabrera, Marshall Johnson, Virginia Arrisueño, and Kelly Towles. I've known them all for what (in DC years) feels like A VERY LONG TIME (Marshall and Carla, otherwise known as TPWP, were kind enough to attend the very first Panda Mag launch party in 2008; Virginia and Kelly I've known since at least THIS!); their individual (and varied, and vast) talents make for a veritable DREAM TEAM, and every aspect of the party, from the visuals and VIBEZ to the sushi and drinks, was spot-on.

The space will serve as a showroom for DeNada during the day, and otherwise the Ulysses Room will be an ever-transforming hub of creativity and partnerships with the city’s various art/fashion/etc groups and collectives. With art exhibits, social media seminars, photography and digital design courses already on the agenda, I'm excited to see what incredible directions the team behind Ulysses Room head in over the next year.
 Ulysses Room website
 preview party photos at The President Wears Prada
preview party sponsors: Kushi/DC Brau/Green Hat Gin/Honest Tea
Washington Post Going Out Guide Review

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