07 December 2012

flickr friday.

YR PANDA MAG PEOPLES. illustrations by the pretty O.K. Bryan Minnich
WE PUT OUT A MAGAZINE THIS WEEK, EVERYBODY, and as such: this edition of Flickr Friday is dedicated to my Panda Head Magazine BROTHERS-IN-ARMS.  
Erik Loften has been with the project since day one, helming the design and visual direction of the Mag. We'd be nowheresville without his incredible and staggering fortress of talent, and I've never met another person with a back pocket so full of inspiration and excitement and MAKE-IT-LOOK-EASY. 
Nilay Lawson joined the Mag crew at Issue 3, and as Art Editor (and a visual artist herself), she does an incredible job of seeking out the PERFECT DC artist for every issue that she's been part of, and she's responsible for the design of a large number of our tangible Panda Mag pieces. Her EYE and her VOICE are invaluable; Nilay is GLUE, and hopefully that at least almost makes sense. 
Issue 7 was Fashion Editor Kate Greene's second Panda Mag go-round - since SIX, she's been sharing her unparalleled brand of PURE VISION with Panda Head. Her commitment to concept and aesthetic is all-encompassing and enormous; her talent for creating COHESION between far flung concepts never fails to slay me. I hope to be able to stand back and watch it all come together, forever. 

K WIPING AWAY TEARS - a few more thank yous, re: Issue 7: 
to all our Issue 7 contributors (your talents and generosities have no limit or bounds), to James Alefantis and the gang at Buck's and Comet, to Mitchell West, to intern extraordinaire Chelsea Iorlano, to Boy Scout Troop #944 and Boy Scout Troop #666, to our families, to our Corcoran educations, to the School of Hard Knocks, to Melody the Sphinx, to Linco Printing, to Hungerford Printers for the years of support, to The Press DC, DC Brau, and St~Germain, to AZZIP, and to late nights/early mornings. 
AND to YOU. YEAH, YOU. Thanks for loving on our lucky Panda Head Magazine: Issue 7 - we simply cannot thank you enough for the support.

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