04 December 2012


It is with ALL of the pride and excitement that I - on behalf of myself and my partners, Erik Loften, Nilay Lawson, and Kate Greene - announce that PANDA HEAD MAGAZINE: ISSUE 7 is ALIVE and ONLINE this morning, over at www.PandaHeadMag.com!
With over 70 contributors and a theme of COMMUNE running throughout, we could not be more excited to have put this out into the universe.
Our features include:

500 17th Street
a record of DC's Corcoran College of Art & Design, by photographer Francis Michael Terzano.

Dinner at Buck's
John Ulaszek's black&white documentation of a collaborative dinner party that we hosted at Buck's Fishing & Camping, with decor by Mutiny and Redeem, and contributions from 13th St. Meats, Nothing In The House Baking Company, The Runcible Spoon, St~Germain, and more.

Apt. 609
a Fall/Winter fashion editorial, photographed by Amber Byrne Mahoney, with hair by Ryan Hunter Mitchell of Eastern Confederate, and featuring Jen Feldman. Styled by Kate Greene, with pieces available at Barney's CO-OP, Butler & Claypool, and Redeem.

a video by Raul Zahir De Leon, featuring footage and audio captured during our faux-cult camping trip in the woods of Virginia.

illustration by Nilay Lawson, for Panda Mag's Issue 7 Print Piece.
and! Early 2013 will see additional components to this edition of Panda Head Magazine: both audio and print! Featuring additional content, collaborations, and contributions, the print piece will be available FREE at various shops and venues around Washington, DC. We'll keep you posted!

We're so excited to finally share what's been up our collective sleeve for the last several months, and now is the time that I - again, on behalf of Erik, Nilay, Kate, and myself - will send a heartfelt and tear-y thank you to all the aforementioned, and to our full contributor list, below. And let me not forget to thank YOU. Your readership - and your interest and support - is what keeps the Panda Head lemonade stand up and running, and we could not be more grateful.

So please! Take some time today to hang out over at Panda Head Magazine, and take a good, long look at the work of the following talent, from Washington, DC and beyond:
13th St. Meats : Alexis DeFranco : All Our Noise : Amber Byrne Mahoney : Andrew Bucket : Andrew Herndon : Ana Marin : Andy Overton : Ashley May : Brent Feito : Brittany Woodell : Buck's Fishing & Camping : Bryan Minnich : Butler & Claypool : Carla Cabrera : Casey Weir : Chelsea Iorlano : Chris Chen : Claire McLaughlin : Claire O'Neill : Clay Barnard : Comet Ping Pong : Cortney Peguese : Darren Vandergriff : Dave Clifford : Eastern Confederate : Emily Hilliard : Eric & Susan Doyle : Erik Loften : Eve White : Floyd York : Francis Michael Terzano : Gert : James Alefantis : Jen Feldman : Jim Callahan : John Ulaszek : Jon Mahoney : Jon Dorrough : Kathryn Bangs : Kate Greene : Katlyn D'Angelo : KC Price : Kelly Hughes : Kelly Towles : Laura Peterson : Lori Parkerson : Malaka Gharib : Meredith Chamberlain : Mitchell West : Morgan Hungerford West : Mutiny DC : Nilay Lawson : Nothing In The House Baking Co. : The Press DC : Raul Zahir De Leon : Redeem : Rob Doriot : The Runcible Spoon : Ryan Hunter Mitchell : Sarah Fulwiler : Scott McIntosh : Sean Peoples : Shannon Cusello : Sierra West : St~Germain : Stephanie Breijo : Stone Ferrell : Svetlana Legetic : Trae Lamond : Virginia ArrisueƱo : and : Zach Mason



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