20 December 2012

mail call.

Michael Orell and Chloe Maratta are TWO COOL FRIENDS (friends of mine, not of each other, though I don't see why that couldn't happen, cause like I said they're BOTH COOL) with TWO COOL ZINES, and as such, it has been a very good week for my mailbox.
Michael's Gangster Ass Flower Arrangements, at top, is literary and funny and smart, with the title (and some contributions) inspired by life and death and fictional, Uzi-shaped funeral arrangements; Chloe's Rock & Rose is ALL ART and handmade and SO GOOD, and on its third edition. There's not enough room here for all the nice things I want to say about both so instead I will direct you to the links below.

Rock & Rose order info.
Gangster Ass Flower Arrangements order info.

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