14 December 2012

one, two, three: a look back at the week.

photo Rebecca Miller, via
one. Can we talk about this hair for a moment? Because I just cut like four inches off of mine (the last of what had once been dyed blonde! It was an attempt at health and shine! But now it's only shoulder-length!) and so I CAN'T. I CAN'T WITH ALL OF THESE MASSIVELY TUMBLING BRUNETTE LOCKS. (via Tomboy Style

two. I am VERY MUCH FEELING this awesomely goth rAng. (via R29, by Eilisain Jewelry)

three. I am NYC-bound for an extended weekend, to hang with friends and family and friends who are like family, but let it be known: I WILL be seeing The Hobbit prior to boarding my bus, and if I were staying in town I'd be hitting both the Bikkuribako closing party (Saturday afternoon, 1-4, at Oh Fish!) and the Ulysses Room Night Market (Saturday evening, 7-11). Sunday would be reserved for naps.



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thank you so much for the mention Morgan!

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