07 December 2012

one, two, three: this happened/this week.

one. Wait? Did I tell you that Panda Head Magazine: Issue 7 is like, a THING? Because it is. IT TOTALLY IS.

two. So wait? Has this been a BIG WEEK? Thanks so much to Refinery29 for repping the Saint Clair jewelry vid yesterday - I'm so honored to have taken part in THE MASTERPIECE, and for real - get over to the SC Etsy shop for lots of gorgeous jewel steez.

three. Did I tell you my husband won a chili cook-off on Wednesday? Because he DID! And that SHOP PANDA is now updated with some Issue 7 artifacts? Because it IS! And that I am in desperate need of a nap? GOTTA GO ZZZzZZZzZZZZzz, GOOD NIGHT, FRIENDS.



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