31 January 2012

tenemos wings.

Sunday's party, beyond the kitchen. All photos by Floyd York, food by various friends, precious baby-child by my sister and her husband, and THOSE COOKIES from the Alexandria Pastry Shop.


Travis Jackson's Windian Records puts out garage, punk, and ROCK N ROLL from DC and beyond (by the way - the annual Windian Pow-Wow Party is April 6 + 7; MARK YR CALENDARS). Beyond the realm of 7-12" records, Travis is a die-hard Bills fan and BUFFALO WING AFFICIONADO. In anticipation of this weekend's sports SPECTACULAR, Travis (and photographer Floyd York) (and a bunch of our friends) came over this past weekend to pre-pre-pre-Super Bowl party on his favorite, CLASSIC Wings recipe. TAKE IT, TRAVIS:
The Buffalo Wing has been a tradition in my family since the early 90s - the Buffalo Bills were playing pretty well and making the playoffs year after year, so we celebrated the post-season with family parties. Main dish: BUFFALO WINGS. It wasn't til the Bills made the Super Bowl[TM] 4 years straight - with national press coming to Buffalo and giving their food a lot of exposure - that the wings caught on. Now it's not a Super Bowl[TM] party without them.
The best part about making wings is how simple it is. I stick to the basic Anchor Bar version. The Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY invented this chicken wing variation in the mid-80s. It's when people try to modify with flour, vinegar, or baking the wings (and claiming to be the original) that you get rather bland, impostor Buffalo Wings. A Google search for "Buffalo Wing Sauce" will bring you recipes from the top websites, but they're poor, wrong recipes. Everyone has a flavor, but the undisputed best way to make a Buffalo Wing Sauce is just good old butter, and Frank's Red Hot. You cannot go wrong, and it's a crowd-pleaser.
1. Cut whole chicken wings in two, at the center of the joints, through the cartilage. You'll come away with the "FLAT," "DRUM," and "TIP." Avoid cutting through bone. Discard the wing tip, and lay out pieces on a cooking sheet.
2. Pour oil in a rather large stock pot (this helps keep from spilling and splatter of oil), and heat to 380degrees.
3. Take 12-16 wings and place them in the pot - do not crowd. This takes about 9-12 minutes, but you can eye them. When they start to float, they're done. I usually keep them in about two minutes longer to get them a little crispy on the outside.
4. While the wings are frying, drop the butter and Frank's Red Hot into in a small saucepan. Heat to melt and dash with salt.
5. Cut celery into thin strips, about 4 inches long. With some Blue Cheese dip, this is a great pairing to cool the heat a bit.
6. Remove the wings from the pot, place in a large METAL bowl, and add sauce. You won't need all the sauce - just eye it - and save the rest for the next batch or as a side dip for the hardcore heat fans.
7. Toss the wings until they're all coated, and place on a tray for immediate serving.
8. Repeat with the next batch, just make sure the oil reheats to 380.
For a Blue Cheese dip, I usually buy a nice dip from the market, like T.Marzetti Chunky Blue Cheese, but it's also really easy to make your own! Snag some quality Blue Cheese and crumble into pieces. Mix 1 cup Blue Cheese, 1 cup mayonnaise, and 1 cup Sour Cream in a medium bowl. Add garlic salt and pepper to taste, and sprinkle with 2 TBSP parsley. Cover and refrigerate for 30-60 minutes.
When everything's ready to eat, grab an ice cold beer (preferably LaBatt Blue) and plenty of napkins.

30 January 2012


check the toothpick "needles" - SO ANTHRO!
All varieties of SUCCULENT - real, handmade, EDIBLE - abounded at the Anthropologie: Old Town opening on Thursday night. The store is gorgeous and I kind of wanted to MOVE IN to the Home section on the second floor (or at least take up part-time residence in the leather Jack + Maggie club chairs). If you go, don't forget to look UP - sections of the original tin ceiling are still in place and oh-so-pretty.

hey baby.

photos by Floyd York.
This weekend was spent almost entirely in the WARM COMPANY of our nearest and dearest - between a surprise party for Mitchell's brother on Friday and Saturday night's Sockets Showcase at Black Cat, I got to LAY EYES on just about every family member/familiar face in this city. Sunday was MORE OF THE SAME, when we (with the help of our friend Travis) hosted what ended up being BABY'S FIRST WING PARTY for our new niece, Aurora. More on that (and WAY, WAY more on WINGS) tomorrow.

27 January 2012


click it.

flickr friday.

from the mixed up flickr files of panda head blog.
For the cover of Panda Head Mag: Issue 3, art editor Nilay Lawson and I built a GIRL FORT - inspired by slumber parties and all things dreamy - in my living room. Photographer Alyssa Lesser perfectly captured the COZY-TENENBAUM-CAMPOUT vibe we were going for, and this photo served as our back cover. Not pictured: the felt "flames" Nilay installed in the fireplace (I kept them there for about a year afterwards), and FORT RESIDENT/cover model Kathryn Beale's wildly-appropriate coonskin cap.
Panda Mag: Issue 3 cover shoot
Photo by Alyssa Lesser
FORT by Morgan Hungerford West and Nilay Lawson
Issue 3 Design by Erik Loften.

26 January 2012

are you sure it isn't 50 ways to love your leaver?

25 January 2012

wild, man, wild.

This Mara Hoffman image is giving off DANGEROUS tropical-Kahlo-voodoo vibes/has added to list of things to think about, re: lipstick.


I think I'm FINALLY going through my TEEN GOTH phase.

24 January 2012


One part Wary Meyers, one part Trigger Happy TV; I found this MASSIVELY OVERSIZED CELLULAR TELEPHONE in a dark corner of my in-laws' basement. One man's trash, etc. etc.

they had me at hayek.

The repercussions of last week's Golden Globes are still visible around the house, most obviously in our current chalkboard SITUATION; less obviously ON MY COCONUT. Wait - was the entire broadcast NOT one long, convincing argument for the BRUNETTE CENTER-PART? I'm confused.

23 January 2012

in which i admit my blatant uncool.

Thanks so much to Mathew at Social Studies DC for asking me to put together a 5-song playlist for today's Music Monday feature! I picked some of my favorite songs that may or may not crossover with YOUR MOM'S (heyyyy, Lindsey Buckingham); with no further (SOFT ROCK) spoilers, check the playlist here! And thank you again, Social Studies!


Friday night saw a first trip to Boundary Stone. The place is all exposed brick and FLATTERING LIGHTING (2 out of 3 of my situational needs, the third being WINE - DING DING DING DING WE HAVE A WINNER), and the beer list was well-curated, with the inclusion of local breweries (meaning Mitchell is LEGALLY OBLIGATED to cast his vote here). Legal obligations (and lighting) aside, we had a great time AND the food was delicious - the only ISSUE we ran into was my ordering the pork shank/fingerling potato/savoy cabbage special and Mitchell going for the confit of chicken; when everything came out the pork shank was the size of my head and the citrus dressing on his side salad glistened like a thousand suns shining upon a diamond. We enjoyed the first few bites of our INITIAL DECISIONS while staring covetously at each other's plates, then wordlessly switched entrees FOR THE WIN.
Their whiskey list was BLINGING but we opted to end the night back on our side of town; after NEW FANGLEDS at Smoke + Barrel we headed home just as the snow started falling (cue precious, rom-com, snow-walking montage; end montage on sour piano note/close-up of gnarly-city-snow-sludge in harsh, grey light of the following morning).

22 January 2012

fryes > snow.

motorcycle boots DON'T PLAY.

20 January 2012

project preview.

we're making progress/we're making pizza.

flickr friday.

from the Panda Head Flickr vaults.
Last December, photographer C.Freeman and I got together with the lady-DJs of FUNBAGS to shoot some promo photos. I'd driven past this wall (around the corner from 9:30 Club) roughly ONE MILLION TIMES and had always wanted to do something there. It was completely freezing that day, but the girls brought their FAUX FUR GAME so hard that the weather wasn't an issue - at one point during the shoot I couldn't see over all the coats I had piled in my arms (AKA I WAS BLINDED BY LUXURY).
from Funbags DJs + Panda Head promo shoot.
photo by C.Freeman.

19 January 2012

paperback writer.

gimme that LIFE library.
We stopped by the Beth El Book Sale in Alexandria this past weekend; I made out with a $4 copy of On Beauty and some serious regret about what APARTMENT LIVING decreed we couldn't take home.
RELATED: about a decade ago my parents moved out of the house I grew up in, and into my grandparents' old (much smaller) house. My sister was in high school and still living with them, and one time on a FAMILY TRIP to Target she asked my Dad to buy her a kickball. He eyeballed the thing, and after a minute told her yes - but due to lack of storage she'd have to DEFLATE IT at night. He was kidding?