24 January 2013


A couple of months ago I sat down for a pleasant little phone chat with Pink Line Project's Philippa Hughes about my neighborhood, and in my near-constant state of being behind on all things READING (WHEN O WHEN WILL I FINISH NW?), I finally got around to checking out her article - for ArtPlace - this week. I may or may not have used the word "NEAT!" (with exclamation point) when I saw that a tiny smidge of our conversation made it into the final piece - the Adams Morgan/U Street/Dupont Circle CONVERGENCE in DC made the TOP TWELVE of America's Top ArtPlaces (and my hometown of Alexandria, VA made the top 44)! Thanks so much to Philippa for thinking of me when she was putting this together; each city featured is a totally interesting read, and the link to download is here if you haven't checked it out already!

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