23 January 2013


I'm so excited - on behalf of the gang at Panda Head Magazine - to release C V L T  P A N D A: an Audio-Visual Exploration this morning. A companion piece to an Issue 7 short film by All Our Noise's Raul Zahir De Leon, this Audio-Visual aspect came together from the veritable TON of still photos, videos, and audio captures from our faux-cult weekend in the woods in late Fall, and features the following collaborations and contributions:

sound mix and audio design by Sockets Records' Sean Peoples
field and video recordings by Nilay Lawson
black + white photography by Stephanie Breijo
video editing by Morgan Hungerford West

additional photography by THE C V L T  P A N D A FAMILY:
Amber Byrne Mahoney
Andrew Bucket
Andrew Herndon
Casey Weir
Chelsea Iorlano
Claire McLaughlin
Erik Loften
Francis Michael Terzano
Jonathan Mahoney
Kate Greene
Kelly Hughes
Mitchell West
Raul Zahir De Leon
Shannon Cusello
and Sierra West.

This is the first of TWO Panda Head Mag: Issue 7 addenda - a large-scale print piece will be released in late Winter/early Spring of 2013, and we're already thrilled with where it's headed. Thanks so much for your support of Panda head and its projects; we're never happier than when we're putting these collaborations out into the universe.

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