04 January 2013

flickr friday.

photo by Michelle Rigg
IT'S MY BIRTHDAY, YOU GUYS, and in celebration (slash outrageous defiance of my decidedly cake-free and utterly necessary detox week) I thought I'd remind us ALL of the above, ombre-frosted pecan layer cake (with caramel + sea salt filling), from the May edition of NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS. And just so you're in the know: in lieu of actual birthday celebrations, I'm planning on drinking infinite mugs of hot water with lemon slices and going to bed at 8PM every night this weekend - RING-A-DING-DING, AGE 32!

"Happy Birthday"
featuring photography by Michelle Rigg
and recipes by Emily Hilliard and Kari Nye
from the Panda Head Newsletter: May 2012

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