02 January 2013


photo by Stephanie Breijo for BYT
photos by Jeff Martin for BYT
BYT's Fancy Schmancy New Year's Ball was SO MUCH FUN - and I feel incredibly lucky to have gotten to do the decor for the party! The venue - the Former Residence of the Ambassador of Spain - was just as amazingly ornate and beautiful as the name would lead you to think, so it was one of those WHAT DO YOU GET THE GUY WHO ALREADY HAS EVERYTHING situations while brainstorming how to pretty the place up. The answer turned out to be one thousand feet of silk, brocade, and gold lamé flags, all sewn to gold silk cord and draped over every surface that made sense. I'm incredibly proud of how it all turned out and - as always - BYT Productions was a LEGIT DREAM to work for and with. Click over to Brightest Young Things for a trillion more gorgeous and sequin-spangled pics from the New Year's Ball, and A HAPPY and JOY-FILLED 2013 TO EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!

fancy schmancy thank yous: to BYT Productions, for their all around excellence and support; to Svetlana and Haley for their GIRL'S NIGHT CRAFT CONTRIBUTIONS; to Svetlana, again, for day-of help and in general applause of her champagne-tower architecture; and to Mitchell, for not only spending the last day of his year helping me hang 60' of bistro lighting from the balcony of a CASTLE, but for laughing instead of fuming when he pulled a shred of gold lamé out of his dinner last night.

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