27 February 2013


Texting screenshots of Alexa Chung's hair back and forth with your NYC-based BFF would generally count as TIME WELL SPENT regardless, but it's especially productive when said BFF works for Bumble and bumble, and can go straight to Product Development the next morning to ask what one should cop from the product line to make some similar magic happen.

THE RECIPE: start with Full Form Mousse or Thickening Hair Spray for structure, then rough dry and hit it with a rod curling iron (like a Sultra) - but don't be too perfect with it. Set with a little Does It All and break it up with Creme Contour or a hint of Brilliantine.

Full Form Mousse and Creme Contour available online 3/5
and in Bumble and bumble Salons now.
photo by Guy Aroch for Fray I.D. via @chungalexa

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Blogger Shoko said...

dream hair! thanks for these tips - i actually have a lot of those products and now i know how to use them :)

2:08 PM  

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