01 February 2013

one, two, three: a look back at the week.

one. EVEN! MORE! WINGS! Mitchell, Shauna Alexander, and a rotating crew (including myself) took one for the DC team and ranked wing joints around the city - for BYT - just in time for the Super Bowl. It was a difficult job, sure, but somebody's got to DO the WORK. PS - this is now our forever Christmas card. via Brightest Young Things.

two.  Sup, Dr. WhiteBoots? via The Sartorialist.

three. YOLO: the video; the article. via deathandtaxes; NYTimes.



Blogger Shoko said...

wing tour? sounds like the best thing ever...i love that first photo, too :)

11:31 AM  
Blogger Panda Head said...

aww thanks Shoko! and YES. while I am still WINGED OUT it was an EXCELLENT excuse to eat like I just DIDN'T CARE for an entire afternoon (AKA KEVIN MCCALLISTER HAS MY DREAM DIET).

10:45 PM  

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