04 February 2013

what had happened.

The last five days are maybe best summed up by my Instagram feed - well, not BEST, but BETTER, in terms of having to put a WILD RANGE OF FEELINGS into words. In as few of those as possible: my husband's grandfather passed away last week, and while our trip to the very bottom of Georgia was not for reasons we would have chosen, the Southern funeral experience was life-affirming to say the least - family upon family upon family; hospitality and community the likes of which I've only seen in movies; an unyielding flow of fried chicken; sweet tea; DESSERTS. Back in the city, Friday and Saturday saw late nights and lots of friends; Sunday I drove up to Philadelphia for a dear one's bridal shower and tears shot out of my eyes every time she opened something REALLY REALLY GOOD. My emotions need a nap, and yes, I WILL be punting all of our remaining, wedding-gifted Crate & Barrel gift cards on a JUICER.

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Anonymous theholidaygirl said...

girl, you love to cry at bridal showers :-)

2:39 PM  
Blogger Panda Head said...


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