29 March 2013

flickr friday (GRATITUDE edition).

There really aren't words for how grateful all of us are for the outpouring of support this week for RESCUE SAINT CLAIR. To everyone who tweeted, re-posted, or otherwise spread the word; to BYT, Pink Line Project, Huffington Post, All Things Fashion DC, Nest, Live It Out, GoKate Shoot, and all the other DC-and-beyond entities who used their sites and social media platforms to help pass the effort along; and of course, of course, of course - to all of you who purchased a RESCUE SAINT CLAIR necklace - on behalf of Cameron Archer of SAINT CLAIR Jewelry, the team at Panda Head Mag, and our friends and fam who helped us put these together - an enormous and heartfelt and teary-eyed THANK YOU.

We still have necklaces available to support the effort (and you can purchase by clicking that triangle link in the sidebar), and as soon as Cam is back up and running and on her feet, we'll be adding the link to buy into SHOP PANDA, as well as a drop down menu so that you can choose for your purchase to support either RESCUE SAINT CLAIR or a TBA charity of Cameron's choice.

And while we're on the subject, can we talk about Cameron for a second? Because one time I spilled red wine on my laptop and I walked around under a storm cloud for like a month. Cameron is me on opposite day, and has been handling a DEVASTATING HOUSEFIRE with unbelievable spirit, and of that I am in awe.

SO. Finally and again, thank you so much from all of us that took part in RESCUE SAINT CLAIR. You've turned our stone-cold hearts to mush and please consider yourselves hugged, via internet.

*all necklaces ordered this week will ship Monday, April 1
*special thank yous from Erik Loften, Kate Greene, and myself, to #teamsaintclair: Mitchell West, Andrew Herndon, Kate Woodsome, Barbara Donaldson, Haley Harter, Philippe Chetrit, Ashley Fulwiler, Cortney Peguese, Chris Peguese, and babies Mango and Aurora, above.

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This is incredible.Is it your own creation?


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