15 March 2013

one, two, three: a look back at the week.

one. National Geographic has a Tumblr, and it is GOOD. via Miss Moss.

two. DAVE GROHL. That is all. via Death and Taxes.

three. In "Things I Would Have Announced Yesterday if My Internet Hadn't Cut Out at Noon," I'm thrilled to be taking part in You, Me, Them, Everybody's Country Teatime Jamboree (no wait! MOST EGGCELLENT COUNTRY TEATIME JAMBOREE) at the Strathmore Mansion on March 29th! I'll be heading up all things CRAFT, namely flower/Spring crown-makin' and Easter Egg decorations galore. Part of the Strathmore's Friday Night Eclectic series, this should be a fun night with a decidedly Americana bent. Hope to see you there!



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