29 March 2013

one, two, three: a look back at the week.

one. Spring crown/flower crown inspiration GALORE (1/2/3/4/5), in honor of tonight's YMTE JAMBOREE at The Strathmore Mansion! Tickets are here in advance (and CROWN CRAFTS are ten bucks at the venue) - see you there, I hope!

two. 10 Awesome Photos from Outside the Supreme Court, via Refinery29 DC (and oh, hey! Thanks so much to editor Holley E. Thomas and photographer Kate Hoffman for including me in this week's Spring Street Style round-up!)

three.  I THOROUGHLY enjoyed Brightest Young Things' Spring Style Guide this week (and not just for the Panda Head inclusion [thanks guys] - in fact, I'd say I enjoyed it almost entirely based on THERE CAME FIRE OUT MY FREEZER. Just read it, seriously).

photo by Shae Detar.



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